Rich & Dying

Jeb Dunkelberger

Trillions of dollars spent every year, billions wasted, and all of it at the expense of American families. This reality is the American healthcare economy.

For you, an employee of the healthcare ecosystem, the current state of the healthcare economy poses an opportunity. This industry was created by humans, which means it can be fixed by humans too. Unlike a rare disease with an unknown pathology, healthcare has known variables and processes—and you hold the power to change it.

Countless books describe the problems with American healthcare today. In Rich & DyingJeb explains the problems and provides a framework for real, comprehensive solutions. Throughout his decorated career, Jeb and his teams have saved the industry billions in avoidable expenditures. For Jeb, it still isn’t enough. With numerous vantage points from across the industry, he’s able to look beyond point-based solutions that provide episodic relief and instead propose a new way of thinking about the system. Join this important conversation, learn how to untangle the web of inefficiencies, and discover the role you play in making healthcare effective, affordable, and user-friendly for all Americans.

Press & Praise

Dr. Stephen DeCherney, former Chief Innovation Officer, IQVIA

"In this book, Jeb has told the unsettling truth about the maldistribution of America's limited healthcare resources. His insights are on target, making this a must-read for all healthcare managers and providers alike."

Dr. Gaurov Dayal, President and COO, Everside Health (former Chief Growth Officer, ChenMed)

"Part business, part manifesto, this book, like its author, is blunt, honest, yet uniquely optimistic in opening our minds to finding a better way for America's healthcare sector."

Braden Lambros, EVP, Olive

"A must-read for anyone in the healthcare industry whose fundamental goals and aspirations are to provide healthcare, not sick care. This book serves as an impetus to a new saga in American healthcare, providing transparency to some of our sector's darkest corners. Jeb uses a myriad of experiences and perspectives to illustrate how the industry has gone awry, while also laying out clear ideas on how to correct our current trajectory."

Jeb Dunkelberger is the CEO of Sutter Health | Aetna and the author of more than one hundred articles about improving the healthcare industry. With a career that spans from executive roles in Fortune 5 companies to building some of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive healthcare startups, Jeb combines experience with healthcare-related degrees from Virginia Tech, London School of Economics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of work, Jeb enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling, and relaxing with his wife, friends, family, and pets.

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