Invisible Marketing

Jeff Lotman

Ask the CMO of any consumer packaged goods company and they’ll tell you: their industry is extremely competitive. When you’re using the same tools to go after the same customers as your competitors, breaking away from the pack is a challenge. Everyone is looking for an edge, and yet there’s one area of marketing that remains largely unexplored. In fact, according to Jeff Lotman, it’s almost invisible.

What is this form of marketing with such untapped potential? Brand expansion through licensing.

Most people want nothing to do with licensing because they think it means slapping their logo on a product or letting a third party run amok with their brand. In Invisible Marketing, Jeff shows you the true promise of licensing: creating new entry points for people to discover your brand. With proper licensing, you’ll outflank the competition by entering into unexplored categories and connecting with new customers. By following Jeff’s step-by-step process and learning from the success stories of well-known brands, you’ll also be equipped to deepen the relationships with your existing customers.

Press & Praise

Ed Rensi, former president of McDonald's

"I have known Jeff for over 30 years and when it comes to generating additional brand value, there is no one that gets it more than him. Connecting to consumers is the hardest thing to do and it's only getting harder. Invisible Marketing illustrates how to find (and create) those bridges in a clear and concise way."

Henry Ford III, manager of corporate strategy at Ford Motor Co.

"Licensing allows us to extend our brand to groups of customers we otherwise wouldn't be able to reach. It's like a megaphone for our brand. We get to speak to groups of customers that we may have missed if we hadn't extended our brand into other product categories...Also, there are misconceptions about licensing. This book will help dispel some of those myths."

Mark Owens, CEO of Rogers and Cowan, an Interpublic company

"Brand licensing is the most misunderstood marketing term. Jeff Lotman, with Invisible Marketing, gives you a clear path forward to global brand building. "

Jeff Lotman

Jeff Lotman is the driving force behind Global Icons, the world’s leading brand-focused agency with over $5 billion in retail sales. Jeff is a leader in educating executives on the hidden benefits of licensing, and over the years, Global Icons has established an impressive client roster that includes Kleenex, Hostess, Lamborghini, NOKIA, and USPS, among others. He is also the owner of Fred Segal, LA’s iconic fashion brand. Jeff has spoken at many leading industry events, including Entertainment Marketing Conference, SPLiCE, and the Restaurant Industry Conference. He’s been profiled by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNBC, and FOX, and is a distinguished member of the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association and the Licensing Executives Society.

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