Fear No Food

Dan LeMoine and Dr. Noel Abood

It’s the holy grail of health and wellness: a weight loss program based in science and technology that helps remove the guesswork from getting—and staying—healthy forever.

Struggling with weight gain takes a toll on physical health, but the emotional stress and internal conflict it creates are discussed less often. Can I really lose the weight? Do I have the willpower? Dr. Noel Abood and Dan LeMoine have answers that will make you never question yourself again. In Fear No Food, Noel and Dan introduce you to re:vitalize, a weight loss plan that identifies your nutritional needs, fixes your metabolism, and helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Packed with inspirational stories, this book helps you target imbalances so you can normalize your metabolism and make it work for you. Take the first step toward better health with this blueprint for long-term success and key to personal empowerment.

Press & Praise

Miguel Montero, two-time MLB All-Star, World Series champion

After all the years that I played in the MLB, I'm no stranger to great coaching—and the nutrition team at re:vitalize is among the best when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.

Jenni Croft, Bachelor season 11 finalist, Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Miami Heat dancer, mom of three

As a former professional cheerleader and now mom of three, I've tried all the diets and tricks of the trade, and nothing has ever worked except re:vitalize! Dr. Abood's approach was easy, straightforward, and the perfect roadmap to get back to the happy, healthier me!

Eddie Johnson, NBA great, cohost of NBA Today

Since my playing days have been over, I've spent a lot of time in front of the camera and being a role model to other guys in the NBA. Dan and Noel have given me a blueprint to easily maintain my healthiest weight and keep myself in optimal shape. I'm as fit as I was when I was playing!

Dan LeMoine is an entrepreneur and co-founder of re:vitalizeAfter earning a bachelor’s degree in business management and two board certifications in nutrition, Dan and his wife, Danae, partnered with Dr. Abood to create the re:vitalize program. Dan is a former competitive rugby player who now enjoys running marathons and cycling. He and Dr. Abood are both based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Noel Abood, DC, is a weight loss and lower lumbar decompression pioneer with more than thirty years in the field. After surviving a heart attack at the age of forty-nine, Dr. Abood developed a wellness approach focused on personalized nutrition and metabolic health. He lost thirty pounds and gained a new perspective on sustainable health that became the premise for his weight loss and wellness center, re:vitalize.

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