Pick Up the Gum Wrapper

Joe Bertotto

Why is it that most people start a job with high hopes but eventually become disillusioned? With mounting pressure for results, companies can’t afford employees who are going through the motions. The truth is, most employees want to do their best at something they enjoy, feel valued for their contributions, and make an impact. The majority of leaders understand this, but making it happen can be a mystery.

In Pick Up the Gum Wrapper, Joe Bertotto walks you through three proven steps to building a compelling workplace. With concentrated effort, these steps—assessing and leveraging each employee’s unique strengths, setting clear behavioral expectations to unify the team, and applying effective leadership practices—will keep everyone’s enthusiasm high by building a workplace that’s positive, productive, and rewarding. Filled with examples and tools, this book shows you how to ensure that everyone is successful at work each day.

Press & Praise

Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of The Gallup Organization

"The traditional practice of management has hit a wall—it needs to change from 'boss to coach' to achieve really high-performance teams. It is harder than it looks—this culture transformation needs coaching itself—this book is a big step in the right direction."

Greg Pryor, SVP, people and performance evangelist at Workday (#4 on Fortune's List of 100 Best Companies to Work For)

"TLC—Talent, Leadership & Culture is the new superfuel driving company growth, innovation and performance. My good friend Joe brilliantly shares proven strategies that improve performance and lives—a must read."

Eric Gelly, president of CUNA Strategic Services

"Pick up the Gum Wrapper is a fantastic tool for team development. Not only does it help you identify the individual strengths within your team, you are also able to harness those strengths and take your team to the next level. Joe's insight shines through in this book, he has worked with our team for years, and his guidance has elevated our performance and created an atmosphere where people utilize their strengths on a daily basis."

Joe Bertotto

Joe Bertotto has more than three decades of experience helping leaders improve their workplace environments and increase team productivity in a way that helps people live better lives. Joe works internally as the chief culture officer at Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union and consults externally with numerous organizations successfully using this approach. Joe was one of the first Gallup Certified-Strengths Performance Coaches, and he and his wife, Judy, are the first married couple in the world to be Gallup Certified-Strengths Coaches. They have two grown, adventurous, and supportive children, Alex and Melanie. Joe played baseball at Temple University and enjoys Philadelphia sports.

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