An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life

Tim Carlin

Can an ordinary person achieve extraordinary results? If you ask Tim Carlin, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Tim is living proof that you can be “extraordinarily ordinary” and still achieve success through constant self-reinvention. When you embrace your challenges and put your ego on the shelf, you can become the type of person who improves the lives of others. Tim knows this isn’t always easy, so he’s here to help.

In An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life, Tim draws on his past experiences to give readers a crash course on facing life’s challenges and seizing its opportunities. You’ll learn:

  • To look to the future, not in the rearview mirror
  • Why taking the easy way out is selling yourself short
  • The benefit of not following the crowd
  • And much, much more

Tim will help you take what you have and make the most of it. He knows that small changes, when taken together, allow you to change your world for the better!

Tim Carlin

Tim Carlin, Colonel USA Retired, is a Certified Financial Planner at V Wealth Advisors. Tim has been in service to others since age 10, when he served as an altar boy. He is a West Point graduate, having commanded at the Company Battalion and Brigade level. Tim is a versatile leader with past responsibility at some of America’s best companies, including PepsiCo and ConocoPhillips 66 Company. Living an ordinary life but achieving extraordinary results, Tim shows you through his personal story how to continuously reinvent yourself through job loss, family hardship, and a cancer diagnosis to prosper, serve, and give back to others.

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