Painted Baby

Matt Shoup

Painting a picture of perfection prevents true connection.

Every business leader has a dirty little secret tucked away, never dreaming they would share it with anyone, let alone prospective clients. But revealing it tells an important story and lays the groundwork for genuine connections between you, your clients, and those you serve. It inspires others, showing them that honesty is a priority and accountability is unconditional.

Revealing this secret empowers you to show the best version of yourself by sharing how you have handled your worst moments—which is exactly what your clients want to understand.

In Painted Baby, serial entrepreneur Matt Shoup shows how to establish real and deep connections, build true rapport, and create long-lasting trust with clients and others you serve. He invites you on an empowering journey to explore your imperfections and grow comfortable with your guard down, allowing the rawest, most compelling version of yourself to shine through. You’ll learn the tenets of great storytelling, why crafting your message counts, and how to communicate with conviction, even when you’re vulnerable. Are you ready for a challenge? Step outside your comfort zone with this innovative approach to embracing imperfection.

Press & Praise

Mike Michalowicz, author of Get Different and Profit First

Business relationships have historically been made on a balance of partial truths and intentional omissions. That is exactly why businesses struggle to grow. In this book, you will discover how to leverage raw honesty to make more sales and retain more clients than ever before. Your business is about to be transformed—honestly.

Jaime Masters, author of Eventual Millionaire

Vulnerability creates connection, and Matt's message is one that all entrepreneurs should take to heart and implement in their business, especially in today's business landscape. Painted Baby hits the nail on the head in terms of how to do this effectively in your business.

Dave Albin, CEO, Founder, and Master Instructor at Firewalk Productions

Painted Baby is an absolutely brilliant book. In his book, Matt has given us the insider's roadmap to follow in becoming powerful storytellers. As a business owner and entrepreneur for over five decades, I found this book to be full of pearls of wisdom and insight. If you speak to or communicate with people on any level, this book is a must-read.

Matt Shoup is a serial entrepreneur, bilingual keynote speaker, and award-winning business leader who is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their leadership potential. Since 2005, Matt has founded six successful companies and been featured on Fox Business, the BBC, U.S. News & World Report, and Entrepreneur. A Brazilian jujitsu black belt, Spanish coffee addict, aspiring paella chef, and fan of all things Spain, Matt lives in northern Colorado with his wife, Emily; their children, Riley and Hailey; and Romeo, their giant schnoodle.

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