(Un)Skirting the Issues

Bonnie Fetch & Jessica Poliner

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus–but when it comes to the workplace, everyone needs to come down to Earth (at least in the workplace).

While countless books are aimed at teaching women to thrive in business, very few are simply aimed toward helping men to lead the journey toward gender inclusion in the workplace. It’s time for men to join women in working toward a new future—and Bonnie Fetch and Jessica Poliner are just the successful women to help lead them on this journey.

In (Un)Skirting the Issues, Fetch and Poliner present thoughtful tips for Well-Intentioned Men to recognize and address the unconscious bias, stereotypes, and ingrained expectations that affect women today. Pairing personal stories and examples with authoritative research and practical tips, along with a healthy dose of humor, this guide gives men the tools they need to influence cultural and organizational change.

Working together, men and women can understand, approach, develop, and advocate for change—and begin building an inclusive work environment that benefits everyone.

Bonnie Fetch

Bonnie is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a senior leader and a Chicago native. Bonnie began her career in the service industry running full service restaurants and then owning a small family business. She then joined a Fortune 50 company where she has held a range of positions with increasing global responsibility in logistics, manufacturing, product design, human resources, organizational development and business leadership.

Jessica Poliner

Jessica Poliner began her career as a corporate lawyer, working for various global public companies in the financial services, technology, and industrial manufacturing industries. She’s held leadership positions with growing responsibility in law, sales, marketing, distribution, operations, mining, and governmental affairs. She currently lives in Panama, and spends most of her time traveling throughout Latin and South America.

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