On the Corner of IP and Amazon

Mario Simonyan

Fear, frustration, and uncertainty can plague you if you’re an Amazon third-party seller. Overnight, Amazon can suspend your account, taking your income and livelihood with it and leaving you questioning when—or if—you’ll get it back.

This doesn’t have to be your reality. By understanding Amazon’s IP approach and key strategies for navigating the unique online landscape, you can protect your business and leverage intellectual property to safeguard your brand and ideas.

In On the Corner of IP and Amazon, IP lawyer and expert Mario Simonyan presents the strategies, opportunities, and resources that will help you navigate the Amazon IP world and create a plan for long-term success. You’ll learn how the digital marketplace began, the fundamentals of trademarks, patents, copyrights, brand enforcement, and the dirty tricks your competitors may use to sidestep laws and regulations. Mario also introduces Synthetic Arbitration, a proprietary method for avoiding expensive, time-consuming arbitration if you are suspended, so your business can get back on its feet even quicker. This is your starting point for resolving conflict, improving your business, and gaining peace of mind.

Mario Simonyan is an intellectual property attorney and the founder of ESQgo, P.C., a law firm working exclusively with Amazon sellers to navigate intellectual property issues that arise from selling online. Before founding his law firm, Mario established two seven-figure, private-label brands on Amazon, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges in e-commerce. Mario has developed Synthetic Arbitration, a proprietary method that helps clients resolve disputes and get back to business quickly. He lives in Burbank, California, with his wife and their two sons.

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