Let Them Lead

Michaela Hart

Command and control, top-down, centralized decision-making doesn’t work for employees, who feel less engaged than ever. It doesn’t work for organizations, who struggle to adapt fast enough when the industry changes rapidly. And it doesn’t work for leaders, who are left wondering how they’ll be able to do more with even less.

What we need is a new model. One that doesn’t restrict employees, but empowers them. One that allows organizations to flourish, not flounder. And one that enables leaders to do what they really want to do: build and develop an amazing team that happily gets the job done.

That new model is here.

In Let Them Lead: How to Command Less and Accomplish More, author Michaela Hart details a play book for both employees and leaders alike. Michaela draws on her own experience as an accomplished executive in corporate America to detail exactly how to lead yourself and your own career, delegate power and authority to your team, and how to deal with any challenges that may arise. This is an essential guide to modern management regardless of your position.

Press & Praise

Barry Posner, co-author of The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership

"This book is too good to be true; but it is true. Michaela is like that mythical leader who takes you aside, dispensing practical wisdom and experiential secrets."

Mary Beth Whitcomb, DVM MBA; Associate Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis

"As an MBA graduate, I've read my share of leadership books, and Let Them Lead rivals the best."

Rev. Karen Epps, Founder of Unity Global Heart Ministry

"Michaela has written a book that is not only warm and humorous but deeply insightful as well...this book has the potential to transform your entire life."

Michaela Hart

Michaela Hart, once called “a combination of Katrina ‘Kat’ Cole and Danica Patrick”, has been a corporate executive for more than 25 years and has leveraged her management experience into that of leader, career coach, speaker, and now author.

Michaela has had a remarkable career in operations, quality, and regulatory roles at companies in the biotechnology, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical sectors, including San Jose Hospital, Syntex, and Roche Palo Alto. She has also worked for a number of Silicon Valley biotechnology start-ups in similar roles, including Vaxart and Veracyte. Michaela is currently the Vice President of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs for Roche Diagnostics’ new Sequencing Unit.

Michaela has an undergraduate degree in Animal Science from UC Davis, a master’s degree in Clinical Science from San Francisco State University (with an emphasis in Molecular Virology), and an MBA from Santa Clara University. She is also a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

Michaela lives and works in Pleasanton, CA. Michaela shares her life with a number of close friends, is immensely proud of her two grown children, Kyle and Nikki, and loves to ride horses, race BMWs, and travel the world.

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