From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley

Stephen Gillett

To succeed in business and in life, you must be focused and committed. But it also takes serendipity and a certain amount of alchemy.

Stephen Gillett went from part-time technology specialist at an Office Depot to one of the youngest CIOs of a Fortune 500 company by keeping himself fully present and open to all possibilities. In From Simi Valley to Silicon Valley, he shares his remarkable journey and the valuable lessons he learned while working with Bill Gates, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, and a host of other influential innovators.

Serendipity is more than being in the right place at the right time. It’s about being flexible enough to allow unexpected things to enter and transform your life. Stephen’s inspiring personal story of extraordinary achievement will light the path for others who are willing to keep their minds open, stay true to their values, and embrace their own contradictions.

Stephen Gillett

Stephen Gillett is the co-founder and CEO at Chronicle—an Alphabet company born out of X, The Moonshot Factory—and is an executive advisor to the CEO at Google. As one of the youngest CIOs of a Fortune 500 company in history, he was responsible for leading the technological transformation of Starbucks under Howard Schultz. Stephen’s previous positions included CIO at Corbis, working directly with Bill Gates; President at Best Buy; and COO at Symantec. As an avid lifelong gamer, Wired also recognized him as an innovative Guild Master in World of Warcraft. Stephen lives in Silicon Valley with his high school sweetheart and their eight children. Stephen can be reached at [email protected].

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