Network Marketing Queen

Dr. Erin Pollinger

How would it feel to build a massively successful network marketing business from a place where you feel supported, energized, and connected to your feminine pleasure and power? If the business you’ve built has you feeling burned out, alone, and exhausted instead of successful and free, it can seem like that dream is no longer achievable. But it is. Dr. Erin Pollinger is proof of that.

At one point, Dr. Erin was broke and suffering. Today she is living a life of freedom, travel, service, and contribution, while building community and creating a legacy. Now, she wants to help you reinvigorate your sense of connection and community by tapping into your source of internal support.

In Network Marketing Queen, Dr. Erin will help you become aware of the disconnect in your life, show you how to reclaim your pleasure and power by connecting to your wombspace, and walk you through daily practices that will help cultivate this vital relationship. From Dr. Erin’s story and those of other successful women, you will learn how to be the Queen of your life and business.

Press & Praise

Mariel Hemingway, actress, author, health and wellness expert

"Dr. Erin's approach to network marketing is nothing less than remarkable. She is an open-hearted mentor who, in a short time, has supported thousands of women in finding their voice in a field that requires discipline and self-awareness. Thank you Erin for your professionalism, generosity, and love!"

Dr. Erin Pollinger

Dr. Erin Pollinger has been a chiropractor since 1999 and is a life coach supporting women around physical and financial freedom. She leads workshops on Feminine Powered Leadership and hosts international retreats at her center in Costa Rica. Dr. Erin is currently the lead female earner and third top earner in her network marketing company, with no previous experience in the industry. She is also the mother to her beautiful daughter, Willow. Dr. Erin’s passion is supporting women to reclaim their most energized relationships with their bodies, money, and life itself. Network Marketing Queen is her first book.

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