Keen on Retirement

Bill Keen

As you approach retirement, questions begin to stack up that you may not have the answers for:

  • Do I have enough, or will I run out of money later in life?
  • What will happen to my spouse if I die?
  • How do I avoid costly mistakes and maximize my resources going forward?
  • More than anything, you want to know: Am I going to be OK?

These questions exist because preparing for retirement is not easy. You’re not sure which advisors to trust, you worry about being sold a product for the wrong reasons, and above all, it’s daunting to lay bare your financial secrets to another person.

In Keen on Retirement, Bill Keen shares insights from more than 15,000 client meetings across a twenty-seven year career to help you approach retirement with peace of mind. In addition to walking you through the steps of building a dynamic retirement financial plan, Bill tackles the psychological and emotional challenges associated with retirement. He offers guidance to disciplined savers who are anxious about becoming spenders, and helps individuals and couples get clarity around what their life will look like in retirement.

Press & Praise

Jim Stowers III, Oxford Companies founder, former chairman at American Century Companies

"Bill Keen speaks from the heart based on his own real-life experiences. He has seen how challenging it can be on so many fronts when you don't plan well, plan for the unexpected, and don't seek professional guidance. This book can make a difference in how you prepare for some of the greatest years of your life."

Sterling Shea, global head of wealth and asset management at Dow Jones; associate publisher, head of advisory and wealth management programs at Barron's

"Retirement failure is massive, looming and yet still an underrecognized crisis in this country. In this thoughtful book, Bill Keen addresses the challenges that can come from failing to plan for all aspects of your retirement. Keen On Retirement is a worthy read for anyone wondering if they are saving enough for the retirement lifestyle they desire."

Steve Sanduski, entrepreneur, podcast host, New York Times bestselling author

"In this important book, Bill Keen shares his beliefs on what can work for people entering the retirement phase of their lives. His clear and concise point of view gives you a detailed guide to work with that can be a helpful tool to plan for retirement. And here's a hint: money is only part of it."

Bill Keen

Bill Keen is the founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors. A childhood marked by financial hardship drove Bill at a very young age to learn about saving and investing so he could one day support his family. That desire has fueled Bill throughout a career that includes providing commentary for national media outlets and co-hosting the long-running Keen on Retirement podcast. Bill is a proud board member for Angel Flight Central, a volunteer non-profit organization that provides charitable flights for healthcare and other humanitarian purposes. Bill and his wife, Carissa, reside in the Kansas City area.

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