Mindful Healthcare

Scott Kashman & Joan Odorizzi

A healthcare organization needs to be more than capable nurses and doctors, sterile operating theaters, a business office, and an emergency room. Every successful medical organization should be an optimal healing environment. This holistic, person-centered approach to the business of medicine focuses on empowering the hospital and health system’s working community. It reduces stress, eliminates burnout, and increases staff resiliency, helping your team to remember why they chose to pursue a career in healthcare. When your healers thrive, your hospital will flourish.

It begins with three guiding practices:
1) Patient and family-centered care
2) Financial sustainability
3) Staff health and well-being

Combining these guiding practices with six practical applications, the management team and staff of Florida-based Lee Health’s Cape Coral Hospital transformed a medical center into an award-winning model of healthcare and business excellence. In this book, you’ll learn about Cape Coral’s remarkable success story and how it can serve as a blueprint for health-service managers. Mindful Healthcare is your essential guide to organizational wellness and better business outcomes, offering a bold new paradigm for medical care.

Scott Kashman

Scott Kashman is the Chief Acute Care Officer for Lee Health, providing performance oversight of the four adult hospitals. He also serves as the executive liaison for the system’s health and wellness strategy. He began his career as a psychiatric counselor and has served in multiple senior executive positions.

Joan Odorizzi

Joan “Joany” Odorizzi started her nursing and administrative career in Connecticut and joined Cape Coral Hospital in 1992. She has held multiple leadership positions, including Nursing Director and Vice President of Patient Care Services. Ms. Odorizzi’s most recent position was that of Healing Environment Business Partner.

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