Lost in Startuplandia

E. Keller Fitzsimmons

Entrepreneurship seems like a thrilling, lucrative adventure—until things go horribly wrong. As crisis after crisis hits, even the most seasoned founder can get disoriented. Whether you’re in the throes of business woes or just getting into the game, E. Keller Fitzsimmons has written a field guide outlining the terrain to help you avoid getting Lost in Startuplandia.

Keller has been there, done that, starting six businesses over twenty years. In this honest, personal guide, she draws on her trials and triumphs, as well as those of fellow entrepreneurs, to share their most valuable lessons for surviving startup failure. From staying self-aware to redefining success to prioritizing relationships, Keller illuminates the pitfalls that can make or break even the most resilient entrepreneur.

Startuplandia can be as exhilarating and rewarding as you dreamed—as long as you’re ready to navigate the inevitable crevasses and quicksand along the way.

Press & Praise

Jeff Joerres, retired chairman and CEO, ManpowerGroup

"Whether you're the CEO of a multibillion dollar company or a startup founder, this book will make you stop, reflect, and then act more purposefully. Lost in Startuplandia is the go-to resource we all wished we had at the start of this tumultuous journey."

Don Layden, operating partner, Baird Venture Capital

"Keller Fitzsimmons has navigated some of the toughest startup terrain sharing her wins and painful failures. In this deeply personal resource, you'll find a trustworthy and refreshingly witty guide."

Julie Wainwright, founder and CEO, The RealReal

"Kelly knows the pain of entrepreneurship all too well. Her willingness to share about the shadow side of startups offers much-needed clarity, assurance, and companionship."

E. Keller Fitzsimmons

E. Keller Fitzsimmons is a serial tech entrepreneur, artist, and mother of two. She is the cofounder of Custom Reality Services, a virtual reality (VR) production company whose first two projects, Across the Line (2016) and Ashe ’68 (2019), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Keller is the recipient of the Silvertip PwC Entrepreneurship Award and Speech Technology’s Luminary Award. Her work has been published by Network Computing, InformationWeek, and Inc. An active angel investor, she serves on the technology committee for BELLE USA, a venture fund that invests in women-led startups. Originally trained as a classical archaeologist, Keller holds a master’s degree from Harvard University.

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