One Second Math

Don Sevcik

In 2007, one programmer started a small, automated math tutoring website with no money in a cold, Illinois basement. Now, this little math tutoring website gets 3.5 million visitors from 36 countries around the world. This book covers the full story behind MathCelebrity.

Don Sevcik found a unique way to use his love of math to launch a profitable career and help tutor thousands. It started when he used math homework tutoring as a diversion from his corporate job. As a result, Don has become one of the world’s go-to math tutors and an expert in building a thriving web-based business. This book doesn’t just tell you how Don built the online math tutor MathCelebrity, it teaches you how to do something similar for yourself. For example:

  • Learn how to build a website that answers and solves math homework problems automatically
  • Read the survey that turned conventional theories of students and math on its head
  • Discover the lucrative reason why parents should encourage math class results, even if their child is not a math major
  • Learn the secret that Don has kept for eight years on how to recognize thousands of math problems in a search engine
  • Understand how to work a side business while at a full-time job

For parents, you’ll discover the unfair advantages your child will gain in school and in their career such as:

  • Secure an automatic salary increase for your child before they ever start working (Page 155)
  • The must learn, lucrative skill for your child to learn for any job. Hint, this is not taught in school (Page 175)
  • Discover how increasing your child’s speed on quizzes and tests, even by a few minutes, puts them ahead of the pack for a raise and bonus in their future career (Page 190)
  • Give you child the Looking Glass Advantage by learning the curriculum ahead of time (Page 205)

The second half of this book contains the an extensive listing of math formulas and shortcuts from second grade through college. Whether you’re looking for a great inspirational story, a step-by-step growth guide, or super simple solutions to brain teasers, complex calculations or linear algebra, One Second Math will captivate your attention.

Press & Praise

Barry Codell,

"Nearly a decade ago, it was my greatest fortune to join Don Sevcik's joyful mathematical journey. His artful aim in spreading numerical comprehension seamlessly captured my world of baseball statistics. Don quickly turned my virtually unknown figures into that pulsating diamond now known to both baseball hierarchy and fandom alike as the Barry Code. Let it finally be said of the unendingly inventive Mr. Sevcik: he is America's true Math Celebrity!"

Don Sevcik

Don Sevcik is the President and Founder of MathCelebrity, an automated online math and science tutoring and homework help website. Enter a math problem or search term, push the button, and each step-by-step line of work appears in less than one second. He has been a programmer and math tutor for 15 years and is passionate about helping others improve their math skills and grow their businesses. Don is married to his wife Angela and they have a daughter named Stella.

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