Lessons from Nowhere

Kelly Muir

We’ve been sold the lie that one’s story is only worth sharing if it’s perfectly manufactured to convey victory or success. This false belief overlooks the most important stories: those of the messy journeys and imperfect lives. That is where the lessons hide; challenges are the secret sauce of life, not something to be avoided or glossed over in retellings.

Lessons from Nowhere is the crazy, messy story of Kelly Muir, who moved on average once every seven months for the first twenty years of her life. When asked where she’s from, she answers, “Nowhere.” This compelling memoir shares Kelly’s journey living in the midst of chaos, drugs, and mental illness and the wisdom this ultimately beautiful life gave her.

Lessons from Nowhere illustrates why your story matters and encourages you to embrace it—because the most powerful stories we can learn from are our own.

Kelly Muir is a professional martial artist, author, and entrepreneur, passionate about sharing her experience of growing through life’s extreme highs and lows to help others learn from their own. Today, Kelly admits to being a wildly annoying wine snob, a huge fan of her mastiff dogs, and a dedicated-but-incompetent gardener. Of all the fascinating journeys of her life, she is most proud of her four grown children. While she will always consider herself from Nowhere, Kelly is honored to have called Bexley, Ohio, home for a quarter of a century.

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