Daddy Saturday

Justin Batt

Fatherhood is no longer a playground—it’s a battleground. The demands placed on fathers have never been greater, yet neither has the importance of a father’s role in the life of his child. This creates a dilemma: how can fathers balance career and family while connecting with their children in a meaningful and intentional way?

In Daddy Saturday, Justin Batt will show you how. Justin has spent over 13,000 hours on Saturdays over the past 11 years engaging his children with intentionality. In this easy-to-follow guide, Justin walks fathers through the steps to creating their own Daddy Saturdays—from how to achieve peak performance as a dad, to connecting with your child’s heart and mind. You’ll learn tactical ideas to implement daily with your children, and understand how to create epic memories that will change the trajectory of their lives forever.

Being seen as a great father in the eyes of your children and raising fantastic kids who become productive, confident, happy adults is the dream of every father. Daddy Saturday is a national movement every father can join to help them bring that dream to life.

Press & Praise

Joe De Sena, Spartan founder & CEO, father of 4

"Justin understands that challenging kids to step outside their comfort zones will help them overcome all of life's obstacles. His views and practices on intentional parenting will make our kids better humans and set them up for success."

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author, Thou Shall Prosper, father of 7

"Almost every destructive social pathology that impoverishes people, terrifies neighborhoods, and imperils societies can be cured by dads being intentional and deliberate. With the persuasiveness that comes only from courageous example, Justin Batt provides the practical pathway to total transformation of dads, their children and their society. For all of our sakes, buy this book. Use this book. Or gift it to someone who will!"

Vincent Jackson, twelve-year NFL veteran, father of 4

"Consider this the playbook for fatherhood. Justin clearly lays out the X's and O's to becoming an intentional father and making the time you have with your kids epic."

Justin Batt

Justin Batt aims to disrupt fatherhood with intentionality, by creating intentional fathers who raise good kids who become great adults. He founded Daddy Saturday in his own backyard with his four children, and it’s grown into a national movement engaging fathers across multiple channels, including YouTube, social media, the Daddy Saturday book, an Alexa skill, a podcast, merchandise, live events, and a 501(c)(3) foundation, through which Justin plans to impact 10 million fathers in the next 10 years.

In addition, Justin is a highly sought after healthcare consultant and a successful serial entrepreneur, as well as a TEDx and international public speaker, a multi-published author, and a regular guest on multiple podcasts. When not at work, Justin can be found helping his wife, Heather, run her bridal enterprise, and spending time with his four children and the family’s Bernedoodle, Weekend.

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