The Bad One

Erin Tyler

I don’t remember the first time I called myself “bad.”

There was never a time I thought I was good.

By 8 I hated my body.

By 12 I was eating disordered and by 14 I was depressed.

At 20 I nearly drank myself to death. I woke up in a CAT scan covered in vomit and dirt.

At 21 I attempted suicide because I couldn’t fathom living another day as me. It should have been an exciting time in my life, but I had no hope of ever being at peace with myself.

Shortly after, I began to write, and the course of my life was radically altered.

It took me 15 years, but I finished telling my story, and I am finally a published author.

This memoir, The Bad One, is my story. May it bring peace to the scapegoat children of the world, and inspire them to reinvention.

Erin Tyler

Over a celebrated twenty-year design career, Erin Tyler has designed book covers for multiple New York Times bestselling authors, such as James Altucher, Ryan Holiday, David Goggins, and Tucker Max. She is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently the creative director at Scribe Media.

Erin lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, two sons, and dogs Ellie and Georgia.

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