It’s More Than Your Foot

Ben Moore

Accurate kicking is a critical skill in Australian Rules Football and is a key element of a team’s success. However, many of today’s methods for training kickers are based on principles that contradict the movements demonstrated by the game’s most successful players.

In this guide, former Sydney Swans skill acquisition coach Ben Moore offers a holistic approach to learning and improving kicking technique. Drawing on his background in playing and coaching cricket, studying sport and exercise science, and observing junior and senior AFL players over a number of years, Moore provides a philosophy for approaching practice that can be applied across all standards of player. He clarifies the important movements in the kicking process and explores the mental aspects behind practice in particular. Moore defines methods for both goal kicking and field kicking and offers advice on practice techniques.

Now both players and coaches can gain a unique perspective on what makes a successful kick and how to properly set up a learning environment. Participants and coaches at all levels will be able to use these tools to develop their own successful skills program.

Ben Moore

UK-born Ben Moore played and coached cricket in his youth, and continued his affinity for athletics by pursuing a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham. A move to Sydney, Australia led to his completion of a postgraduate degree in the same field before becoming Skill Acquisition Coach at the Sydney Swans Football Club. Moore was responsible for the goal-kicking program for individual players, and provided advice and direction to coaches regarding learning environments. He has since returned to the UK where he spends his time mixing family and business with amateur level triathlons, all while keeping a keen eye on the AFL.

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