Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines

Julie-Anne Lutfi

It may seem that being a homemaker and climbing the corporate ladder are two mutually exclusive goals. But according to Julie-Anne Lutfi—wife, mother, and kick-ass corporate attorney—you don’t have to choose. With the right attitude and strategies, you can achieve a successful career and a happy personal life.

In Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines, Julie draws on her experiences as a working mom while challenging conventional wisdom to offer techniques to women trying to serve both their families and careers. Advising on everything from meal prep to date nights, deadlines, and schedules, Julie addresses difficult subjects such as “convenient feminism,” traditional gender roles, and motherly guilt, and helps readers implement concrete strategies to bring their personal and professional lives into harmony.

It is possible to excel at work and at home. Diapers, Date Nights and Deadlines will show you how it can be done.

Julie-Anne Lutfi

Raised in Lyon, France, Julie-Anne Lutfi returned to the United States with her mother’s traditional French values and an ambition to succeed as an attorney. She earned her law degree from Suffolk Law School and worked for several years as a tax attorney before joining Foley & Lardner LLP in Boston as a corporate associate. She has been able to do all this and have a fulfilling family life thanks to a supportive “village” that includes her co-workers at Foley & Lardner, her mother and siblings, her traditional-yet-flexible husband, and her devoted in-laws.

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