Carolyn Buck Luce

Do you have any idea how powerful you are?

On some level, you do. You know it in your very cells—what you’re capable of on this planet; what you can do and who you can become. But all too often, women are asked to give away their power, to play by someone else’s rules, and to turn away from their potential. That stops today!

EPIC! The Women’s Power Play Book will help you unravel that conditioning and reclaim your destiny. Learn to create a life by design, not by default, through a unique framework of inspiring case “herstories” and provocative exercises you’ll play like a game, equipping you to craft the best next chapter of your life.

Discover a wealth of power plays and tools that will help you uncover your purpose, recover your power, and discover your future. Start playing to win, instead of playing “not to lose”—without giving up even the smallest piece of yourself—and unleash the full measure of your natural-born power. This is the game you’ve been waiting to play all your life. Game On!

Press & Praise

Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

EPIC! is an extraordinary book filled with the wisdom and practices to design your most exquisite life. I've had the great fortune of knowing Carolyn Buck Luce for many years, and she's a remarkable, engaging, and gifted leader. She's created one of the most powerful coaching tools that I've ever experienced—the Decade Game—to help women heal themselves, manifest their highest contributions, and change the world! Read this book and discover how.

Dr. John Gray, bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Carolyn is a powerful leader and brilliant teacher who ignites the best in others. Her book, EPIC!, is a must-read for women who are ready to step into their full power. Now is the time to bring Venus and Mars into full harmony.

William Ury, world-renowned negotiation expert and co-author of Getting to Yes

What could be more important than designing your own life for what you truly want? What could be more engaging than turning it into a game? In this inspiring and deeply useful guide, Carolyn Buck Luce, a remarkably wise and compassionate leader with wide-ranging experience in the real world, invites us on a life-changing journey to get to YES with ourselves. What a priceless gift!

Carolyn Buck Luce is one of America’s most respected and accomplished voices on women as leaders and their relationship with power. A sought-after speaker, she was appointed by New York City’s former Mayor Bloomberg to his Commission on Women’s Issues and has co-authored numerous articles in the Harvard Business Review on women’s leadership, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Across five decades, Carolyn has been a successful diplomat, Wall Street banker, management consultant, healthcare futurist, talent innovator, professor, author, philanthropist, wife, mother, and grandmother. Carolyn’s life journey navigating a man’s world has given her a unique perspective on living an epic life of meaning and purpose, regardless of the obstacles. Today, she uses her proprietary Decade Game to coach leading women around the globe to step fully into their power at home, at work, and in the world. Connect with her at [email protected].

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