Christopher Creel

At the center of almost every company is a technology that hasn’t changed since 1854: the organization chart. Competition creatively destroyed every other aspect of how businesses work, yet this one thing has remained unchanged—and it is no longer working. New technology is about to change that.

In Adaptive, Christopher Creel outlines how collaboration technologies and smart chatbots enable revolutionary new organizational models that eliminate hierarchical obstacles, synchronize workforce skills with strategy execution, leverage the power of diversity, and deliver the most effective tribal elements of successful startups into larger, more established companies. Based on fourteen years of in-the-trenches R&D, Creel’s dynamic crowdsourcing model promotes speed and agility while putting the skills and experience of each individual team member to best use. Each day, your business’s greatest resources come to work and go home. You want to be sure they come back every day! Adaptive will help you attract, retain, and utilize the absolute best talent that is out there.

Christopher Creel

Christopher Creel has helped clients create leading research and development teams since 1995 for major companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Perot Systems, and CSC. In 2013 he launched a bold, 6-year experiment based on 8 years of research and development to answer one question – can collaboration technologies deliver a dramatically new level of adaptability through crowdsourced organizational designs? The results of the Adaptive experiment improved business results, increased employee productivity, and engagement, promoted collective and individual growth, and raised the general level of happiness in the workplace. Three independent studies over the course of the experiment showed dramatic improvements in engagement, productivity, operational efficiencies, and risk mitigation.

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