Developing Youth Leadership through Sport

Mark Mungal

As a coach, physical education teacher, or adult facilitator of youth athletics, you have a unique opportunity. Through the medium of sport, you can help young people cultivate the leadership skills they’ll need to succeed in life, whether they become CEOs, salespeople, construction workers, or stay-at-home parents.

Mark Mungal has created a powerful, sport-centric program of character-and-confidence-building learning experiences specifically designed for middle school and high school-aged participants. The proven principles, strategies, and techniques in this invaluable how-to guide will empower teens by:

  • Enhancing their communication and decision-making skills
  • Fostering creativity, adaptability, persistence, and resourcefulness
  • Encouraging openness, honesty, and meaningful relationships
  • Promoting self-respect, self-value, and social responsibility
  • And much more

Leadership is not a talent restricted to an elite few. There is hidden strength in every young adult. Developing Youth Leadership through Sport will give you the tools to set it free.

Mark Mungal

Mark Mungal is director and cofounder of the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency. Over the past two decades, he has facilitated workshops in thirteen English-speaking Caribbean territories and has spoken on youth leadership and sport at conferences from Switzerland to South Africa. Mark has been recognized as a thought leader in the arena of international sport or development, serving on several international, regional, and national agencies over the years. Mark continues to work with and learn from the dedicated coaches and volunteers who deliver sport programs in schools and communities and is committed to the development of Caribbean people through the amazing power of sport!

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