Melanie Pump

Is your team willing to propose game-changing ideas and offer diverse opinions? Will they take personal risks for the sake of your company and its reputation? Most leaders can’t answer yes to these questions, especially during critical times of change.

Why not? Because your team members instinctively understand your workplace culture, and they recognize the dangers of pushing beyond that culture’s comfort zone.

Through stories and examples, Detox demonstrates the real, tangible impact of toxic work environments that stifle innovation, collaboration, succession planning, and productivity—and shows you what you can do to change it.

Learn how to create a healthy, secure environment that can dispel the natural insecurities and fears within your team. Instead of fostering a workplace that magnifies human frailties, discover the proven strategies and practices that can address your team’s emotional needs and unlock their true potential.

Press & Praise

Mike Watson, Founder and Principal, Ignite Management Services Ltd.

I have had the opportunity to follow Melanie on her multi-year journey of self-discovery and her pursuit of the best version of herself. In Detox, she shares her story. It is real, and it is raw. Detox is a book underpinned by first-person experience that will help leaders understand the impact they have on people. And it is a book for leaders who find themselves in a toxic work environment. It will give them hope and ideas on how they can gain control of their destiny. Thank you, Melanie, for bringing this story to life.

Jackie Morton, Vice President, People & Culture

In this deeply personal and insightful book, Melanie helps leaders to see that performance is our responsibility and that churning through people that can't cut it is an illusion. She shows us that we must create the conditions for our people to thrive so that our businesses can too. The implications of insecurity and cognitive interference on performance have been ignored for too long. For leaders that truly want to cultivate performance and deliver great business results, it's time to Detox.

Mona M. Forster, President & CEO, Range Road Advisory Ltd.

We all think we know what insecurity is, but do we as business leaders understand the tangible cost to its presence in our workplaces? Melanie Pump takes lessons from her personal life combined with her experiences and observations as a financial leader to bring us this book about the true impact of insecurity on employees and corporate results. I found that every chapter resonated with me on some level. I recognized myself or former colleagues throughout the pages. The insights shared are thoughtful and meaningful, and the link between mental health and success in life and work is clearly made. Toxicity in the workplace is real, its effects are well documented, and we have learned from the global pandemic that mental health is as vital and important as physical health. I cannot recommend reading Detox highly enough... Read this book. You will be grateful that you did.

Melanie Pump grew up in a family that went bankrupt soon after she was born. By fifteen, she was a high school dropout. Today, she is Chief Financial Officer of Brane Capital, a trusted, independent partner for digital asset custody.

Particularly attuned to the critical effects of a toxic environment, Melanie spent more than twenty years of progressive corporate experience studying the impact leaders and workplace cultures have on employee security and performance.

Through that effort, Melanie learned how to shape a corporate environment to manifest powerful teamwork, authentic communication, diverse creativity, and heartfelt loyalty. She wrote Detox to help leaders and employees everywhere learn how to truly thrive.

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