Recruiting Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have To

Steve Lowisz

People are a business’s most important asset, but when it comes to hiring, practices are wildly out-of-date, relying on the same wisdom that has been used for over fifty years. It’s time to update how we recruit—by focusing on people, not process.

In Recruiting Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have To, human resources guru Steve Lowisz shares a groundbreaking approach to attracting, developing, and retaining an accomplished and vibrant workforce. Dispelling seven recruiting myths that most HR departments believe, Steve will show you how to prioritize behavior over skills, look beyond LinkedIn, be a marketer, find real ways to inspire employees, take responsibility, avoid reliance on technology, embrace diversity, and more.

Filled with specific and practical actions and methods, this book will keep you from losing money, morale, and talent, and build a people-centric team that will take you into the twenty-first century and beyond.

Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz is a recruiting industry veteran and talent optimization guru with more than two decades of experience helping companies find and unlock the performance of their teams. He is an expert on talent acquisition, talent assessment, talent engagement, diversity and inclusion, and business performance, which has allowed him to serve hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals across the globe. As the CEO and founder of the Qualigence Group of Companies, Steve regularly contributes to industry events and publications and has been featured in Fortune magazine, CNN Money, and the Detroit Free Press, as well as on Bloomberg Radio.

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