Creating Value

Steve Thompson

Believe it or not, your customers do not want to hear about your company or the products and services you are selling.

They want you to create the potential for value for them. Your value proposition should shine a bright light on your incremental value and be linked to customers’ success metrics—all stated in their language. Salespeople who master this will have a decisive competitive advantage. This book reveals the simple steps to building a value proposition that compels the customer to choose you and close the deal quickly!

The Value Lifecycle is a unique framework that looks at how a customer views an ongoing business relationship. Companies that are world-class at executing the Value Lifecycle model have much less account churn, enjoy higher new customer conversion rates, are more successful at cross-selling and upselling, have higher margins on the deals they close, and retain customers longer. In many cases, they are virtually bulletproof from competitor attacks. Nobody is going to take that account away from them!

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is the founder of Value Lifecycle, which helps companies position, propose, negotiate, and close critical deals. In the past 20 years, he has worked on more than $15B in B2B deals in over 100 different industries and 24 countries—for both selling and buying clients. Steve previously worked in operations, sales, and executive management at Westinghouse, Black & Decker, and DuPont. He served as a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the U.S. Navy.

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