Change Your Life

Sandra Forrester

A focused mind is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Real estate mogul Sandra Forrester was an average performer when her business took a radical downturn. Extraordinary fear replaced the decent income she had been earning—it was time to reset and begin again.

After picking up a secondhand book in a used book store, Sandra learned she had to define the life she wanted. She adopted new habits. She focused her mind, harnessed her newly discovered power, and tapped into a vital ability: reinvention.

In Change Your Life, Sandra shares how she became one of the top performers in the real estate industry by embracing change and manifesting a new reality. No matter your age, education, or occupation, Sandra’s techniques provide a clear formula for success, starting with establishing the right mindset for continual growth. You’ll learn how to focus your mind, set achievable goals, and contribute daily to the momentum you’ve built, even when times are tough. The hard part of change is choosing to embrace it. Change Your Life is the inspirational story and comprehensive guide that will help you become the person you were truly meant to be.

Sandra Forrester is one of the leading real estate agents in New Zealand, working for nearly two decades as one of Barfoot & Thompson’s top performers in residential sales. In the wake of this successful sales career, she now manages City Branch, one of the firm’s largest and most dynamic teams. Sandra is a collaborative leader and specializes in sales management, coaching, and the development of high-performing team culture. She lives in Auckland with her husband and three children.

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