When Grief Is Good

Cindy Finch

Grief is many things. It’s losing a job or divorcing a partner. It’s a traumatic or terminal illness, the death of a loved one, or an addiction that threatens the life we love.

But grief is also canceled plans, missed opportunities, and lives forever changed. In all its forms, grief is the signal we experience when life doesn’t go as planned.

But in the depth of loss, hope rises to the surface. We have a chance to grow after trauma—an opportunity waiting for us if we choose to take it. In When Grief Is Good, therapist Cindy Finch shows you how to rediscover meaning, purpose, and happiness when your life is no longer the same. After enduring her own unimaginable loss, Cindy realized she never would have chosen her life’s circumstances, but she wouldn’t change them, either. From her pain came growth, clarity, and direction. Now she’s helping others move on from their trials and tribulations and choose to grow through them. Filled with inspirational stories that will provide you with a new perspective of pain, this book reveals the lessons in loss and the transformative power of grief.

Press & Praise

Kayla Redig, filmmaker of Vincible

Inviting Cindy Finch into your orbit is a bountiful choice. Her words will provide the foundation you've been searching for, as well as a safe place to return to when you need them. She'll sit in the gutter with you and help you climb out when you're ready.

Kathy Purdy, LMFT, family therapist

It's common to feel overwhelmed by a loss and feel confused about how to move forward. In this wonderful and needed book, Cindy Finch openly shares her deep wisdom about loss and grief and offers practical steps that guide readers along their own personal healing journey. You will feel understood and uplifted as you read this book.

Lori Jean Glass, author and Founder of PIVOT and The Glass House

With When Grief Is Good, Cindy Finch invites readers to consider looking at grief through a new lens. Processing grief is different for everyone; however, the impact it can have on relationships and health is universal. Cindy's professional wisdom and commitment to help people is evident in the pages of this book. She cuts through the noise and brings a voice of comfort and reality for understanding grief. This book is groundbreaking and a must-read for anyone looking to understand and process their losses.

Cindy Finch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who specializes in helping people through their darkest times. She trained at the Mayo Clinic and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, HuffPost, and CURE magazine. A survivor of traumatic life events, Cindy writes and works from lived experiences. She’s helped thousands of people through their suffering, encouraging them to move forward and keep enduring to come out invincible.

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