Building Wealth and Living in Faith

Mark Aho

You want your children to be successful, and you’ve always worked hard to raise them with strong spiritual values. In today’s uncertain world, these goals are more essential than ever. And now you can help the people you love achieve financial security without compromising the religious and moral principles you hold dear.

As a father, financial planner, and person of deep spiritual convictions, Mark Aho believes faith should be the center of everything in life, including money matters. In Building Wealth and Living in Faith, he offers clear, valuable lessons on life, grace, and money that you can pass along to the next generation. Building Wealth and Living in Faith is both a workable plan for your loved ones’ financial future and a moving meditation on faith, wealth, and family that is practical, effective, and inspiring.

Mark Aho

Mark A. Aho is a devoted husband, a dedicated father, and a successful financial advisor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He holds an MBA, CFP®, and CIMA® and has an infectious optimism and zest for life. He feels blessed to have been adopted as an infant and raised by loving parents, and he has always embraced the noble notions of faith and family.

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