The Lawyer As CEO

Reza Torkzadeh

Research. Trial strategy. Debate. As a lawyer, these are the complex areas in which you thrive. But when it comes to building a sustainable business, your education—and experience—can’t guarantee your success.

Today’s legal landscape is changing. Behind the doors of your competition are large corporations and powerful executives who understand that clients are consumers looking for exceptional service and fast results. Will you be able to deliver in this new environment? How will you remain competitive and ensure growth? Can you become the lawyer and CEO you need to be?

In The Lawyer As CEOReza Torkzadeh explores these changes and shows how to adapt your mindset, develop your employees, and build a customer-focused business. Reza shares how his firm became a market leader by positioning client as consumer, firm as Fortune 500 company, and lawyer as CEO. You’ll learn not only how to weather each storm but how to leverage change so it transforms into opportunity. The Lawyer As CEO is the playbook you need to compete in today’s market and your chance to increase accountability, cultivate company culture, and invest fully in both your clients’ experience and the people you’ve hired.

Reza Torkzadeh is the founder and CEO of TorkLaw, a people-focused personal injury law firm known for its innovative approach to law firm marketing, strategy, and growth. Reza’s legal commentary has been featured in major national publications, and he’s a frequently invited guest speaker on the topic of law firm management. Recognized in the top 5 percent of US attorneys by Thomson Reuters, Reza co-founded LawWorks in 2019, providing a shared workspace for lawyers to collaborate with colleagues, meet with clients, and grow their business with purpose. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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