Blue Sky Lightning

Jeff Kuhn

All of us deal with trauma, lightning bolts that disrupt our lives in small or devastating ways. But no matter what you’re facing, you can recover—through strength, fortitude, and belief.

Jeff Kuhn survived the unthinkable: burns over 80 percent of his body and a rare neuromuscular disease. Despite it all, Jeff found the courage to keep moving on. In Blue Sky Lightning, he shares both his unbelievable journey through trauma and what those experiences taught him. You are not alone. Your mental fortitude is stronger than you think. Small victories make huge differences. Unconditional love lives in unexpected places (sometimes, even in non-human hearts). And, as long as the odds are not zero, you can win.

Blue Sky Lightning is a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a call to share your own inspiring story, and proof that anyone can overcome even the most dire catastrophes.

Jeff Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn is a survivor of severe burns and a rare, unknown neuromuscular disease. After receiving massive attention for his LinkedIn article, “It’s Hard to Beat Someone Who Never Gives Up,” detailing his struggles with recovery, he decided to share his story further with his book, Blue Sky Lightning.

Jeff lives with his wife and son in Los Angeles, California, where he volunteers at a local animal shelter. You can learn more about him at and share your own stories of survival at his LinkedIn website: Or, you can reach him via Twitter @jmkuhn99.

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