Beyond Wins

Mala Subramaniam

A compelling guide to success in negotiations using Eastern wisdom for Western business. It steers you away from immediate gains and shows you how to achieve business results and relationships that last.

Do you feel the pain of dealing with the same customers, vendors, employees, and bosses every day to get your job done? If so, you may not be aware that your career depends on how well you negotiate in these situations. If this thought stresses you out, it’s because you are programmed to think that each negotiation ends when one side wins. This view is flat-out wrong.

Experience the new mindset for success in Beyond WinsMala Subramaniam, who negotiated for twenty years in global companies to achieve transformational projects, and taught negotiations for ten years, reveals:

  • The Chakra of Negotiation Principles, a wheel with eight principles for success
  • The Communications Signal, a method for
  • understanding business problems
  • The seven behaviors that will set you up for success
  • The cultural differences that derail your negotiations

Press & Praise

Jon Wuebben, author of Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age

"Mala Subramaniam has written a very important book in the canon of great negotiation guides with Beyond Wins. Her years of experience in the corporate world along with her cross-cultural consulting work across many different industries gives her a unique perspective that is essential to any business person today. I thought I knew everything about the topic of business negotiation, but from Mala, I found out there was much more to learn. I loved her book and you will too!"

Deepa Prahalad, Thinkers 50 India, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, coauthor of Predictable Magic

"As we all take on multiple roles at work and outside, navigating new cultures and work styles will become increasingly important. In Beyond Wins, Mala deftly combines a fresh perspective on negotiations, and practical tools for everyone to put these principles into practice."

Harris Nydick, bestselling coauthor of Common Financial Sense

"Beyond Wins is a necessary handbook that will help you to better understand your role in creating any successful negotiation. Mala's years of experience provide a path of understanding that is easy to remember and straight to the point. I look forward to sharing it with my entire team."

Mala Subramaniam

Mala Subramaniam is a corporate speaker, executive coach, and cross-cultural trainer who offers a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies for negotiations. She spent over twenty years in influential marketing and strategy roles at global companies such as IBM, GE Healthcare, and Dun & Bradstreet. Mala has led webinars and onsite courses, and provided coaching for Cognizant and Meltwater, among others. Her cross-cultural talks have reached Lincoln Financial, The Hartford, Comcast, and more across the US and India.

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