7 Rules to 7 Figures

Peter Voogd

Since the 2014 release of the global sensation 6 Months to 6 FiguresPeter Voogd’s strategies have been featured in ForbesEntrepreneurHuffington PostBusiness Insider, and more.

Now, in 7 Rules to 7 Figures, Peter lays out the keys to a truly world-class life, one in which you CAN have your cake and eat it, too—wealth, family, and the freedom to enjoy it all without sacrificing your personal values.

Given the lightning-fast technological revolution of the past five years alone, there’s been no better time in history to be an entrepreneur than right now. The early adopters who shift into the New Economy today will be perfectly positioned to succeed at a whole new level.

Anyone can have a world-class life. You just have to be willing to go after it.

In Peter’s own words, “This book is about YOU. Your results. Your future. Your income. Your story. Your legacy.”

Press & Praise

Robert Kiyosaki, American Businessman, Investor, and Author of the Iconic Best-Selling Book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

When it comes to success and entrepreneurship, Peter Voogd is way ahead of the game for his age. 7 Rules to 7 Figures is highly recommended for those wanting to grow in the new economy.

Patrick Bet-David, CEO, Entrepreneur, and Creator of Valuetainment.

What makes Peter special is that he won at a young age, and he is willing to openly share his strategies with the world.

Grant Cardone,International Best-Selling Author of 10x Rule, and featured on the hit show Undercover Billionaire.

Peter's way of inspiring people and shifting their mindset is needed at the highest level right now. Especially in a world that's so noisy and negative, and filled with so much misinformation. What he's doing is extremely valuable.

Peter Voogd has been recognized by Entrepreneur.com as the world’s leading authority for millennials and entrepreneurs. An international best-selling author three times over, Peter also founded the prestigious Game Changer’s Academy—the premier networking community for entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide—as well as the wildly popular podcast The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0.

Peter started his first business at the age of fifteen. His irrefutable passion and determination delivered him, through success and failure alike, from broke to multimillionaire before twenty-seven. Today, Peter Voogd is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs do business, helping millions of his followers succeed for themselves while living life on their own terms.

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