The Consulting Economy

Jonathan Dison

When you hear the term “consultant,” you most likely conjure up images of suits instructing high-level management on strategy. But the trade of consulting is so much more—and so much bigger—than you might imagine. In fact, the $450 billion industry is on pace to double in the near future, meaning a majority of professionals will one day be consultants instead of employees. Luckily, if you have marketable skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can join this booming business now and build the profitable and flexible career you’ve always wanted.

In The Consulting Economy, Jonathan Dison, founder of Lightrock Consulting and, explores the realm of consulting, teaching both aspiring and experienced consultants, contractors, and freelancers how to find a niche within their industry, start a business, develop a clientele, maximize income, and create a career that is vibrant, challenging, and rewarding.

Whether you’re a millennial just starting out, a midcareer worker looking to spend more time with family, or a retiree hoping to find a new vocation, The Consulting Economy will give you the tips and tools you need to successfully transition into the world of consulting, maximize your wealth and profitability, and begin enjoying the freedom and excitement of working for yourself.

Jonathan Dison

Jonathan Dison has spent his whole career as a consultant, having started at Arthur Andersen Consulting before going independent and growing his own firm. He is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies to execute complex, strategic projects, and he has helped hundreds of people transition into consulting. Jonathan’s consulting expertise has been cited by notable publications such as Bloomberg, Businessweek, the Financial Times, NPR, the Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Oil & Gas Financial Journal. He is also a cofounder of BenchWatch, a service that provides education and engagement to professional consultants and helps them get discovered by consulting firms and clients.

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