Too Busy to Be Happy

Christine Laperriere

What do you do when you can’t handle the life you’ve created and you feel you don’t have time to catch up? From the outside, your life looks successful. But inside you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. The harder you try to juggle it all, the more burned out you feel, and your attempts to keep up are not working.

Everyone has a finite amount of emotional real estate to process decisions, change, drama, baggage, and relationships. Too Busy to Be Happy reveals how you can make conscious choices about what you allow to occupy it, and how to defend those choices against the inherent impulse to do it all. With eight practices for dealing with the challenges you encounter every day, Christine Laperriere shares her personal story and teaches you how to reclaim and boost your energy and work-life wisdom.

Perfect for book clubs or to work through on your own, Too Busy to Be Happy shows you it is possible to be successful and sane—to finally be both busy and happy.

Christine Laperriere

Christine Laperriere is the founder and president of Leader in Motion, as well as a coach, facilitator, public speaker, and consultant who is passionate about helping leaders grow while tapping into their work-life wisdom. She works daily to create lasting change within numerous organizations such as McCormick & Co, Vanguard Investments, Samsung, and Scotiabank. Christine is also executive director of the Women of Influence Advancement Centre, which is focused on helping high potential women advance to senior leadership roles. Christine is a thought leader and is often asked to speak at conferences and write articles, and she is frequently in the media. In addition to her graduate degree in mechanical engineering, Christine holds numerous certifications, including transformative coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy, Miller Heiman business development processes, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. She manages her own work-life wisdom in Toronto with her husband, two young children, and her dog.

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