The Secrets of Dating Your Business

Miriam Steketee

Creating an empire and achieving personal success in your business comes down to one thing: relationships. Strong relationships are the building blocks to catapult you toward your goals, but are you focusing on the right ones in the right way? A healthy relationship with yourself breeds confidence, which allows you to build true bonds with customers and team members instead of simply closing deals. Establishing a strong sense of trust, respect, and care for your team members will better develop leaders and create a culture where people join for the opportunity and stay for the community.

In The Secrets of Dating Your Business, Miriam Steketee reveals the path to fostering the types of relationships that lead to wild success (and make you feel good inside). Blending her candid approach with funny personal stories from her family, dating, and her own marriage, Miriam offers essential advice for building your business that will improve your personal relationships, too. If you want more money, a thriving business, and work that brings you and others joy, this book shows you how to get there.

Miriam Steketee is a former dancer and corporate gal who turned a network marketing side hustle into a seven-figure business in just four years. She left the corporate rat race in New York City to build a life and career she loves on her own terms, from home. Today, her passion is to help women live authentically and become the best version of themselves, and believes building and maintaining relationships are the keys to sustaining a business long-term.

She lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with her three children–Sebastian, Darien, and Julian–and husband, Randy, who was able to start his own law firm because of Miriam’s success.

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