Success Hangover

Kelsey Ramsden

The milestones of success are obvious: the huge promotion, the big merger or sale of your company—maybe even an IPO. Once we achieve these milestones we’ll finally feel complete, accomplished and whole, right?

That’s the biggest lie in business. The truth is, success creates a wicked hangover…and it’s not one that aspirin can help.

Kelsey Ramsden knows. After achieving every conceivable business milestone, scaling multiple companies to millions of dollars and being named Canadian Female Entrepreneur of the year twice (while battling cancer and raising three children), she didn’t feel complete. Others had her on a pedestal. She felt hollow. Frustrated, she studied why. She studied this “success hangover” and talked to others who felt the same way. She explored why success doesn’t mean fulfillment and how “what’s next” can be the most difficult question to answer. She explored how our work becomes our identity…and how holding on to that identity can be crippling.

This book isn’t an answer key. It’s a new set of glasses and a wingman to help you find your cure that’s right for you. Kelsey explains why your big moment is often underwhelming (and why that’s completely normal) and how to shorten the period of numbness and despair that can follow. She’ll show you how to clear the fog, reclaim your drive and create a next act that makes you feel alive again. This book is your Success Hangover cure.

Kelsey Ramsden

Kelsey Ramsden is an award-winning business mogul, author, entrepreneur and industry disruptor. She’s ranked amongst the top women entrepreneurs in the world. She speaks around the globe at the likes of The Global Entrepreneurship Congress & The London School of Economics in addition to countless corporate events. She received her MBA from the University of Western Ontario and serves as a mentor for the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Kelsey lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband and three children. You can visit her at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @kelseyramsden.

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