The Belief Economy

David Baldwin

Selling isn’t just about simple persuasion anymore. It’s about giving a damn and taking a stand. To reach the next generation of customers, your brand must have the potential to address people’s beliefs and concerns and to solve real-life problems, both big and small. The Belief Economy lays the foundation you’ll need to connect powerfully and passionately with growing, socially committed audiences.

Over the next four to six decades, Millennials and Gen Zers will control and influence trillions of dollars of our economy per year. The companies they patronize will be those with a strongly stated, consistent, authentic stand. The Belief Economy can help you identify, develop, and sell the authentic core values that will transform your brand into a “”belief-driven brand”” and elevate it above the competition.

The age of capitalism with a conscience is now. Here is your essential guide to staying ahead of the curve and gaining a competitive edge–while making a profound and positive impact on our world.

Press & Praise

Mark Barden, coauthor of A Beautiful Constraint and partner at challenger brand consultancy eatbigfish

"The evidence that beliefs shape the modern world is in almost every headline every day. We humans are belief-driven, belief-seeking meat machines. If you haven't considered how to harness the considerable power of belief for your business, you're behind the curve and had better get on it. David's book will show you how."

Luke Sullivan, author of Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads

"Increasingly students are wrinkling their nose at the idea of careers in advertising. They legitimately fear being set to work cranking out adjectives to add to the pile of crappy work for America's many unsustainable industries. Baldwin sheds light on a growing segment of the business where smart agencies help improve their clients' fortunes while also improving the world."

Nancy Vonk, cofounder of Swim, author, and a leader behind Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

"Goodbye, 'sell or else'--here comes the 'belief economy.' Today's communications experts and the clients they serve are scrambling to put a stake in the ground for their brand's values. Baldwin is uniquely qualified to lay out new ground rules at a time when purpose-driven Millennials and Gen Zers are driving the bus. The Belief Economy is a must-read, offering nothing less than a blueprint for making your way forward in a new era."

David Baldwin

One of the most honored figures in the advertising industry, David Baldwin is the founder of Baldwin&, which was named Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year, twice named Ad Age’s Campaign of the Year, and also named the 4A’s Creative Small Agency of the Year. He is the former chairman of The One Club in New York City and has served as an executive producer on the Emmy Award-winning films Art & Copy and The Loving Story. His advertising work has been recognized by The One Show, Cannes, D&AD, the Clio Awards, and other institutions and organizations. David is also the cofounder and brand master of the Ponysaurus Brewing Company, and a former guitarist/songwriter for the band Pants!

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