Faster, Smarter, Louder

Aaron Agius & Gián Clancey

In today’s online world, a brand’s success lies in combining technological planning and social strategies to draw customers in—and keep them coming back for more. Without a strong digital platform, time and money are wasted, content sits unnoticed, and prospective clients disappear. Fortunately, two seasoned digital marketers have a plan to make your brand succeed.

In Faster, Smarter, Louder, Aaron Agius and Gián Clancey share the secrets that transformed their two-person agency into a global leader in digital marketing. Through personal stories and real-world research, Aaron and Gián demonstrate that landing multimillion-dollar clients isn’t just about AdWords, SEO, and social media. To make a splash, you need to provide value, be authentic, and make human connections.

Learn how to craft a digital marketing strategy that combines industry-proven strategies with contemporary social science. The result is a brand that is visible, in-demand, and built for the long haul—in a word, louder!

Press & Praise

Neil Patel, co-founder,,,,

"I've created four multimillion-dollar companies in my career by building my own personal brand, leveraging that to see growth in the companies I create, and then implementing many of these same strategies for my companies as well. This book shows you many of the steps I've personally taken in order to continue to grow my brand and many of the steps I still undertake to this day."

Jeff Bullas, CEO,

"Aaron and Gián take you on a journey that reveals their insights on how to grow your brand in a digital world. This comes from years of blood, sweat, and tears for their own business and helping many other entrepreneurs. They are not just teachers but also practitioners. This book is a holistic dive into the art and science of what is required to succeed at business in a global economy."

Nicole Gulliver, director, Reliable Resourcing Pty Ltd.

"Digital marketing experts Aaron and Gián have a superb level of knowledge about effective strategies that involve new social media web technologies. Their visualization and creativity alone are phenomenal, but they add a seasoned layer of strategy, business, and experience that make them a cut above the rest. Their ability to mix such a high level of creativity with an expert level of strategic thinking in the marketing world, let alone the social media marketing world, is evident in the ongoing success of their business, Louder.Online."

Aaron Agius

Aaron Agius is the CEO and co-founder of Louder.Online, a global agency that has worked with brands like Salesforce, IBM, and Coca-Cola. Named as a leading digital marketer by Forbes, Aaron leverages his thought leadership and speaking engagements to help businesses optimize their efforts and accelerate their growth.

Gián Clancey

Gián Clancey is the CMO and co-founder of Louder.Online, where her passion for science has fueled countless world-class, data-led marketing campaigns for global brands. Growing up in a large family taught Gián the power of close, authentic relationships, which she uses to fuel passionate engagements with employees, clients and stakeholder communities, and the wider digital industry.

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