The AI Republic

Terence C.M. Tse Ph.D, Mark Esposito Ph.D & Danny Goh

Artificial intelligence will radically change our lives–just not in the ways you might think.

You’ve been made to believe that AI will take your job. The truth is AI will deeply change the nature of work itself and lead to the creation of jobs that don’t exist yet.

Sensational media reports speculate about the “rise of the machines” but fail to see that there’s no real intelligence in AI. It is not an all-seeing master, but rather a functional tool that must combine with the intelligence we possess to be effective.

With The AI Republic, Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, and Danny Goh have not written a book for coders, but for everyone curious about a future shaped by AI. They demystify this life-changing technology and explain how we can build a shared space where humans and intelligent automation work together, whether you’re a business executive who wants to implement it, a government leader responsible for policy creation, or a parent who wants to prepare your children to grow up with AI as a companion.

Terence C.M. Tse Ph.D

Dr. Terence Tse, Dr. Mark Esposito, and Danny Goh are the cofounders of Nexus Frontier Tech.

Terence is a professor at ESCP Europe Business School. He has worked with more than thirty corporate clients and intergovernmental organizations in advisory and training capacities. With over 100 published articles and two other books to his name, Terence is a sought-after global speaker.

Mark Esposito Ph.D

Mark, named a prominent global business thinker by Thinkers50, has written, co-authored, and edited eleven books. He is a professor of economics at both Hult International Business School and Harvard University. He also holds fellowships with the Judge Business School and the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government.

Danny Goh

Danny is the CEO of Nexus Frontier Tech and the general partner of the G&H Ventures fund. He’s an entrepreneurship expert at the University of Oxford and a Fellow at the École des Ponts Business School. Danny also mentors several startups and incubators.

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