Stop Random Acts of Marketing

Karen Hayward

Many mid-market companies in today’s digital era lack a comprehensive growth plan. They launch sales initiatives that are reactive and ineffective, not supported by solid marketing plans, lack KPIs, and are frustrated by the lack of ROI on monies spent. Without a systematic roadmap, you can’t take your business where it needs to go.

Karen Hayward worked in the trenches with Fortune 1000 companies for twenty years. As a consultant, she’s used the knowledge gained through experience to help mid-market CEOs see the bigger picture and develop in-house marketing and sales strategies based on the voice of the customer and real market insight. In Stop Random Acts of Marketing, she provides you with the necessary tools for prioritizing, optimizing, and initiating a clear plan for sustainable growth.

It’s time to stop undervaluing your marketing, delegating your growth strategy to outside agencies or your most junior marketing resource, and relying on sales to understand your customers. It’s time to re-architect your company with a new methodology for success.

Karen Hayward

Karen Hayward relocated to the US after two decades at Xerox Canada. She has focused on mid-market and high-growth companies, right-sizing the sales and marketing strategies learned from a world class organization. For the past four years as CMO and managing partner with Chief Outsiders, she has focused her practice on mid-market companies needing to accelerate top line revenue growth. She has been a guest lecturer at USC East Bay and USF, and has been a featured speaker at conferences and on webcasts.

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