Promote the Dog Sitter

Ed Conley

Crisis leaders never feel completely prepared. From your first response to your hundredth, you feel the same nerves, the same anticipation, and the same desire to serve with each crisis you encounter.

But when disaster strikes, you’re there to make a difference—and you’ll need to rely on more than just your good intentions.

In Promote the Dog Sitterformer FEMA responder and NATO advisor Ed Conley shares ten proven principles for acting decisively and leading dynamically throughout any disaster. Drawing upon extensive experience, Ed has an eye-of-the-storm perspective that shows up-and-coming leaders how to overcome setbacks, develop teams, respond compassionately, and serve with integrity. A book for practitioners by a practitioner, Promote the Dog Sitter is a must-read guide for those who heed the call to make a positive difference in the world’s biggest crises.

Press & Praise

Patricia "Pat" Owens, Mayor of Grand Forks, ND, 1996-2000

We had many difficult, heartbreaking days after our flood. Our recovery took years. Ed Conley stuck with us until the end. He never gave up. He believed in us. Ed's faith in our fortitude to overcome adversity helped carry us through our darkest moments. I'll never forget what he did for us.

John N. Maclean, author of Fire on the Mountain and other books

After three decades on the front lines of disasters, natural and manmade, Ed Conley has written an anecdote-studded guide to addressing 'all-hazard' emergencies in the future. It can be read for pleasure but makes an excellent primer for anyone in the emergency management field.

James Lee Witt, FEMA director, 1993-2001

People like Ed Conley are the heart of emergency management. I've worked with him many times over the years, in some very tough circumstances. Ed Conley is among the absolute best at what he does, and he cares deeply about helping others.

Ed Conley served nearly three decades with FEMA, passionately leading teams around the globe in response to some of history’s most significant disasters. He has also managed national incidents and international emergencies with the Coast Guard, Secret Service, Centers for Disease Control, and Department of State. Appointed as a US Liaison Representative with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ed traveled throughout Europe on emergency preparedness assignments. Before joining FEMA, he spent seven winters on the National Ski Patrol. Ed resides in Seattle, Washington.

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