Notes to a Young Entrepreneur

Gary Nealon

You don’t have to be over twenty-one, a college grad, or even out of high school to come up with a brilliant, marketable business plan. You’re never too young to get started, and there’s no time like the present. Gary Nealon has written an essential how-to handbook for teenage visionaries who are not afraid to dream big and are ready to leave their mark on the world.

A self-taught serial entrepreneur who built a $30+ million e-commerce business, Nealon knows there’s no minimum age requirement when it comes to ambition. His invaluable expertise and advice can help any budding business genius take a brainchild from inspiration to fruition. Notes to a Young Entrepreneur provides everything you need to know about making an action plan, finding a mentor, researching markets, raising capital, and more.

College might be the proper route for you to take, with its significant networking potential. Or perhaps the money for your higher education would be better spent seeding your new endeavor. Whatever path is the right one for you, Gary Nealon will help you make all the right moves right now. Your future starts today, because it’s never too early to get down to business.

Gary Nealon

Gary Nealon is an e-commerce expert, consultant, and founder of multiple seven- and eight-figure companies. For several years, he has been featured on the Inc 5000, The Philly 100, and The SmartCEO Future 50. He is also the author of the Amazon best seller You Can Do It Yourself: Great Do It Yourself Home Improvements on a Budget.

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