Marketing to Mindstates

Will Leach

Your nonconscious mind will filter out more than 99 percent of marketing you “see” today. Traditional marketing simply doesn’t work in today’s complex world. To reach today’s customers and influence their purchases, marketers and market researchers need to understand and harness the power of applied behavior psychology and behavior economics to break through these nonconscious filters and drive purchase behaviors–a process called Behavior Design.

In Marketing to Mindstates, Will Leach, founder of TriggerPoint Design, a leading behavior research and design consultancy, demystifies this nonconscious filter and explains how to bypass it, introducing readers to temporary moments of influence called mindstates. Using his Mindstate Behavioral Model, he shows you specifically how to create behaviorally optimized messaging designed to activate these mindstates and trigger real emotional engagement.

With this book, researchers and marketers will finally have a practical guide to creating behaviorally designed marketing that psychologically breaks through your customers’ nonconscious to drive new behaviors and top line growth.

Press & Praise

Pam Forbus, Senior VP, Insights, Data and Analytics, The Walt Disney Studios

"For the first time, decades of behavioral and psychological decision-making theories are illuminated and come to life in a practical, approachable application guide. Will's deep expertise and years of experience testing, succeeding, failing and learning comes together in an easy to read, practical guide. You will finish this book completely re-thinking your research, marketing and go-to-market approaches. Only history will tell, but this book could quite likely start a new era in marketing. This is a must-read for any consumer centric business leader, including GM's, Marketers, Researchers, Finance and Strategy leaders."

Regan Ebert, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

"Will Leach has done a great job with his first book, Marketing to Mindstates. He's taken what could be a complex topic and really simplified it into an easy-to-read and understandable format. Additionally, he gives great examples of how you can apply his process to your own brands that are very actionable. Definitely worth the read."

Michael Messersmith, General Manager, Oatly

"Marketing to Mindstates is an amazing secret weapon for any marketer or business leader looking to understand their consumers better or gain an edge in driving actionable insights to transform their strategy. Will has such a gift for taking supercomplex theory and his years of experience and breaking it down into accessible concepts that made it simple to understand and implement in my own business. Highly recommended!"

Will Leach

Will Leach is the founder of TriggerPoint Design, a leading behavior research and design consultancy specializing in using behavior economics and decision design to drive consumer decision making. He is a behavior design instructor at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and has more than twenty years of behavior insights experience working with Fortune 50 companies to solve their most important behavior challenges. Will is the only two-time winner of the EXPLOR Award for his work in behavior design and is known as America’s foremost authority in applying behavior science to marketing.

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