Joy Always

Joya Ways

We all want to be healthy and effective, but too often, we don’t acknowledge that something in our subconscious may be sabotaging our progress. Or, we don’t stop to recognize who or what is taking energy from us instead of giving it.

When this happens, we feel stuck, wondering if it’s possible to:

  • Create deeper, more enduring relationships
  • Worry less about the future
  • Relax more and sleep better
  • Live in the present and create lasting memories
  • Live purposefully and joyfully

Joy Always is a practical, approachable guide that will help you replace self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and practices with energizing ones. The 52 treasures of pocket wisdom—one for each week of the year—are applicable to all types of everyday situations and will help make you more aware of your mind, body, heart, others, and surroundings. Whether you are struggling with a personal or professional conflict or project deadlines, worrying about making ends meet, or simply preparing for a meeting or the next day, you will find practical counsel within these pages.

Joya Ways

Joya Ways has long been fascinated by the ways in which our lives unfold. She has interviewed hundreds of wise people from every background throughout the world and has spent thousands of hours reflecting on their insights and her experiences. The collection of wisdom within this book that came from these interviews and reflections has dramatically increased the energy and joy in her life, and it will do the same for you.

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