Get to the Top

Timi Nadela

Timi Nadela first learned how to interact with CEOs as a flight attendant. From there, she moved into selling financial services and quickly learned the crucial skills she would need to become a top business development expert for a Fortune 100 company. In Get To The Top, she gives step-by-step, practical instructions for small business owners to:

  • Identify their best markets
  • Build their websites and social media presence
  • Network effectively
  • Craft a sales pitch that will get you in the door
  • Prepare for a sales presentation and interact comfortably with everyone from gatekeepers to top tier executives.

Through it all, she gives ideas and inspiration to overcome fear and believe in yourself as a business owner. It’s integrity, authenticity and the “heart sell,” not the hard sell that helps a business grow and make a positive difference in the world.

Timi Nadela

Timi Nadela is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and business coach who focuses on building businesses through building great relationships. With a wealth of business development experience in both Fortune 100 and non-profit financial institutions, Timi has seen firsthand the power of the heart sell, rather than the hard sell.

She first began to learn these skills as a flight attendant for a major airline, interacting with top businesspeople and CEOs on a daily basis while working in the first class and business elite cabin, before moving into the the world of financial services, where she excelled, building a multi-million dollar portfolio of accounts thanks to her personal approach.

When she’s not working, coaching or speaking, Timi splits her time between Texas and Arizona, where she enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, and Christian music.

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