Don’t F*ck Up

Andy Beedle

Life is tough, people suck, and at some point, we all f*ck up. There’s no sense in sugar-coating it. It’s guaranteed. But Andy Beedle – father of three, self-made business man, and all-around smartass – is here with some honest advise for teens and their parents to help them face all that life has to throw at them.

With irreverence for most conventional parenting advice, Beedle tackles such topics as

  • learning to play the educational system like a game;
  • why finding your passion is BS;
  • why quitting can be a good thing;
  • the fine art of swearing and the appreciation of lies; and
  • navigating the world of sex, drugs, and yes, even rock n’ roll.

Consider this book a parenting antiphilosophy…or bad advice that actually works. As a parent, Beedle has plenty of personal experience to back himself up—like his daughter who went to Georgetown and graduated magna cum laude. Of course, there’s also his son who dropped out. But both of them are happy. Isn’t that what really f*cking matters?

Andy Beedle

Before co-founding four successful companies, Andy Beedle was a university professor with an interest in cognitive science. Now he helps clients in multiple industries increase their bottom line revenue and grow their prospect pools. He has been published in academic medical journals, spoken extensively at the national level, and his agency’s work has been featured in prestigious publications like USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

Andy lives in Roanoke, VA with his wife and their two dogs.

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