When Fear and Faith Collide

Nic Williams

Fear: It robs us of our sanity and peace.

Even the anticipation of more fear keeps us from living our lives.

For many, the dread never ends.

As a young boy, Dr. Nic Williams witnessed a terrifying plane crash, up close and personal.

The memories of the carnage and countless lives ruined left young Nic mentally and emotionally scarred for decades.

He avoided airplanes and flying until the age of 24, when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity forced him to face his fear head on. Nic could either let the fear continue to rule his life or take control over it.

Through a systematic, painstaking process, he learned how to dissect his fear into easily digestible bites and developed a simple, easy-to-apply, and thoroughly effective coping plan for others facing similar issues.

Now he shares that with you. When Fear and Faith Collide lays out the seven fundamental principles which allow you to identify and cope with your crippling fear.

Find real freedom. Freedom from fear. The freedom to live.

Nic Williams

Dr. Nicholas Williams is an author and pastor who has dedicated his life to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a young child, Pastor Williams witnessed a horrific plane crash that had a profound impact on him, resulting in not only a deep and paralyzing fear of flying, but a cautious approach to life in general. Decades later, he began to realize that his fears were holding him back, and after years of work managed to overcome those fears and find true confidence and happiness. Through his work, Pastor Williams now helps others to confront and defeat their fears.

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