Career Confinement

Elizabeth Pearson

High-achieving women today are living in a gilded cage we helped build. We’ve lost sight of our true Purpose in the conditioning of a society ruled by material obsession. Success in this environment doesn’t bring fulfillment—we need spiritual alignment for that. Without it, fear, doubt, and obligation to the lives we’ve created continue to trap us.

Elizabeth Pearson can help you break out of that cage. Learn practical steps to shift your mindset, unshackle yourself from the limiting beliefs, and seize the fire of inspired work to ascend to new professional heights and transcend personal setbacks. Career Confinement provides real-life client stories featuring women who broke free and are living fulfilling and abundant lives. Through easy-to-follow, actionable steps for both your professional andyour spiritual development, Elizabeth guides you to living the life your Soul is begging you to live.

Press & Praise

Mike Repole, vitaminwater Co-Founder, BODYARMOR Co-Founder, and serial entrepreneur

My philosophy in business has always been that you have to 'think big and dream bigger.' Elizabeth is someone who will inspire you to drop the excuses, commit to a plan, and get winning results. She understands that no dream is ever too big to chase, and that makes her a great choice for those who aspire to be great.

Rohan Oza, Founding Partner, CAVU Venture Partners, recurring guest shark on ABC's Shark Tank

Elizabeth understands that massive personal and professional success can only come when you have 'skin in the game, ' which likely isn't coming from a nine-to-five. You have to become comfortable with risk. She'll help you burn the boats, bet heavy on yourself, and manifest everything you want out of this life.

Lindsay Kaplan, Co-Founder at Chief, a private network of the most powerful women in executive leadership

Elizabeth Pearson is someone with the rare ability to inspire Chief members-some of the most influential women leaders in the world-to slow down and shift their focus inward. She understands that true success isn't solely encapsulated by the position you carry in the world but rather a combination of deep professional and personal fulfillment. Some of the thousands of our VP through C-level members trust her to guide them because she's walked in their shoes. Elizabeth understands what's needed to inspire women-led influence in the workplace, empower women in executive positions, and amplify the importance of diverse voices being heard right now. Her voice is one that is needed now more than ever.

Elizabeth Pearson is a nationally recognized executive coach who helps women get unstuck and overcome plateaus in their lives. After excelling for fifteen years in the trenches of corporate America, she walked away from the money, titles, and unfulfilling grind. The spiritual journey she underwent showed her that success hinges on being spiritually aligned with your career-a message she has since successfully taught to hundreds of executives. Now she helps other high-achieving women transcend mindset blocks around their professional growth and abilities, reconnect to their Purpose, reignite their passion, and navigate the many minefields in their male-dominated fields.

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