Breaking Into College

Jeb White

The college gates swing open for the privileged few. Preferential treatment is given to donors, children of alumni, athletes, international students, and affirmative action applicants. Others slide past the gatekeepers with the help of exorbitantly priced consultants, tutors, private coaches, and even essay writers. The rejected remain stranded on the outside, clinging to the same well-worn and ineffective tactics for college admissions.

Enough is enough. Breaking Into College is the underground playbook many have leveraged to pry open the entrance to America’s most selective colleges. You deserve the same opportunity.

Jeb White

Jeb White is the founder of Despite growing up in a working-class family, he earned an undergraduate degree from an Ivy League institution and a law degree from a top law school—along with the blessing of financial stability.

Jeb is a widely sought-after speaker, having appeared at universities, on CNBC and NPR stations, and in other news outlets, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg News. His appearances, published works, videos, and college-admissions programs motivate thousands around the world. Meet Jeb and receive free training, books, and other resources at or

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